Private Residence in Paracas Bay

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Paracas Bay is located on Ica region, southern Peru. Paracas Bay has beautiful scenery. Though it looks so natural with the beautiful scenery around, Paracas Bay has modern residence design. The modern private residence is named Casa Paracas. Envisioned by RRMR Arquitectos, Casa Paracas shows contemporary home design in the middle of sandy beach. Using floor-to-ceiling windows, the Casa Paracas interior looks shining and bright. Casa Paracas building is made from concrete wall. It makes Casa Paracas looks strong enough to block the strong wind that comes from the beach. Casa Paracas building uses color that has relation to the environment around. So, it makes building’s aesthetic comes out from it.

Casa Paracas: Architectural Design & Idea

Casa Paracas has wonderful architectural design idea. It can adapt to the environmental situation around. Casa Paracas is composed by main house and guest bungalow. The main house features living room, kitchen, dining room, study room, and master bedroom, whereas the bungalow features social area and kitchenette. The living room has minimalist design. It has white fabric sofa and glass table, also the fireplace. The kitchen is located not far away from the living room. It is only limited by cabinet partition between the kitchen and the living room. The interesting design in this house is the bathroom design. The bathroom looks so artistic with the stone decoration for the bathroom walls. It also uses ceramic tiles for the bathroom wash basin.

Casa Paracas: Wonderful Private Residence

As Private Residence in Paracas Bay, Casa Paracas has many fascinating designs. Whole parts in this house are perfect. Casa Paracas seems like oasis in the desert with its beauty.

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