Refreshing Hotel View: Zash Country Boutique Hotel

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Zash Country Boutique Hotel is a fascinating hotel designed by Italian Architects, Antonio Iraci. The boutique hotel is located in Giarre, Italy. Giarre is a town on the east coast of Sicily. Sicily itself is well known for the beauty landscape. The presence of Mount Etna and the sea are the best combination of beautiful nature in Sicily. Surrounded by vineyard, the boutique hotel serves a view of a postcard-photograph. Zash Country Boutique Hotel provides us with beautiful nature, forces us to walk away from daily routine and charge our energy to positive energy.

Zash Boutique Hotel: Splendid Postcard-photograph View

Zash Boutique Hotel Design is a combination of historical fragment and contemporary taste. The hotel design will satisfy the traveller’s need. The Boutique Hotel services include Sicilian breakfast, TV room, reading room, restaurant, lounge bar, wide parking space, garden, animal-friendly area, Wi-fi in common areas and Wi-Fi in garden area. The hotel guestroom is composed by three room type. There are room in house, room in wine cellar, and room in green. Room in house consists of two room type, grand suite and suite. You can choose one of them. The room in wine cellar has three rooms. The room in green refers to room that immersed in green of countryside. The using of big glass doors makes us feel refreshed with the view of citrus trees outside.

Zash Boutique Hotel: When Historical and Contemporary Taste Blend

Zash Country Boutique Hotel is such a perfect traveller hotel. It will satisfy you that have adventurous spirit to stay overnight there.

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