Rotopai House in New Zealand

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New Zealand is well known as the modern country with beautiful natural views. Most of the New Zealand land is covered by forest. So, it has beautiful biodiversity. It is a good choice if we have residence in there. One of the residences in New Zealand is Rotopai House. Surrounded by low hills and mountains, Rotopai House that located on Martinborough offers modern house design with natural view sensation. The Architects Studio MWA was very good at combining every detail aspect in this house.

Rotopai House: Great Combination of Modern House and Natural View

Rotopai House design emphasizes decoration aspect. It is not only surrounded by low hills and mountains, it is also surrounded by beautiful outdoor garden design. It also has beautiful pond design. Rotopai House is composed by sitting room, open kitchen, master suite, bathroom, and cozy terrace. The sitting room (including living room and dining space) is divided in two parts. The first is the main sitting room that placed near from the dining space. The second is the additional sitting room that placed near from the open kitchen. The main sitting room has dark, red, and orange color combination. It features zebra pattern sofa with some cushions on it, fur rug, flat TV, and shelf with artistic decoration in it. The dining space is filled by simple dining room appliance which is arranged circular. So, it uses round dining tables with some soft chairs surround it. The master bedroom is placed well in the direction of the rising sun and it is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass ceiling door. So, it allows the room users to catch the sunrise.

Rotopai House Design: Great Way to Express Your Soul of Nature Lovers

Rotopai House design has been successful to bring nature trail concept in modern house design. It is reasonable to appreciate how great the design is. If you are interested with this house and want to know more about it, you can look at the Rotopai House Photos below and search the additional information about this house on the other sources.

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