Shantih Private Residence in Canada

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Shantih is a name for luxurious private residence that located in Hunts Point, Nova Scotia, Canada. The home is an innovative project from Omar Gandhi Architect. The home was completed in summer 2011. A little explanation of this home by the Architect:

“Shantih is located in Hunts Point, Nova Scotia, a small beach town in Queen’s County. The region’s wide harbors, fisheries, abundant timber and waterways attracted French fishermen and fur traders as early as the sixteenth century and American settlers from Colonial New England in 1759.

The clients required that their new cottage engage the landscape, have a modest and hidden façade facing the road and provide a venue for their ever-growing extended family. The natural grassy bowl in the middle of the property had long been a playground for their young grandchildren and so the cottage was required to engage the field in the foreground. The cottage would need to provide a quiet retreat from the busy city life and offer multiple environments for interior/exterior engagement, rest, quiet and joy.”

Shantih Private Residence: Architectural Design

Both Shantih exterior and interior design has beautiful design. Shantih private home is so spacious and modern, showing how reliable the Architect. The home has artistic corridor connecting the main space and the guest space. The corridor looks artistic because the use of paintings along the corridor. The kitchen is composed by modern kitchen appliances. The kitchen features big kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, kitchen table, and metal countertop. The kitchen and dining space is placed overlooking the view of beautiful garden. This design will make us enjoy the meal time.

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