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Modern Bathroom Chest Of Drawer Washstand Cabinet Ideas

The Bedroom Architectural Design of Hilary Unger Masterpiece

This home emphasizes simple theme home design from beyond view. The main room was built on top of pre-existing home. There is wooden staircase that connecting the main room and pre-existing home. The staircase is equipped with steel banister that has gold-like color giving simple but classy style impression. Even though this home looks simple outside, but it is really luxurious inside. This home has a large & cozy veranda for enjoying sunrise and sunset. There is wide door that linking the veranda and a luxurious bedroom design. The bedroom is so large seems like being able to save many furniture inside. This bedroom has a big size canopy bed. There are two wall lamps that hanging on the bed too. There are a few big bookshelves inside the bedroom. The bookshelves itself have desk that can be used for doing task. The bedroom is also equipped with a coffee table. If we talk about the color combination of this room, this room has brown-white color combination. Brown color is derived from its wooden laminate flooring. White color is derived from its furniture.

The Bathroom Architectural Design of Hilary Unger Masterpiece

Besides of bedroom, the main room has small walk in closet too. The walk in closet is also equipped with small mudroom. If we move to other space, we can see the other luxurious side of this main room. For example the bathroom, the bathroom has glass sliding door. Besides, the bathroom has two washstands with two water taps on top and chest of drawer on down side. Two wide mirrors are hanging on the wall following two wall lights. The bathroom has a round bathtub and simple shower room. Wallpaper on this bathroom is as unique as its floor. The wallpaper is so suitable with the floor that using assorted color. If you see this simple home design photos, I bet you will be surprise and like it.

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Modern Bedroom Arch Lamp Ideas

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