Spanish Oaks Residence

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Spanish Oaks Residence is a contemporary home design that located in Austin, Texas. It is a project of Cornerstone Architects, an architectural firm from Texas. The home is large and bright with high roof that makes smooth air circulation. The Cornerstone Architects said about this project “This soft contemporary home was uniquely designed to evoke a coastal design feeling while maintaining a Hill Country style native to its environment. The final design resulted in a beautifully minimalistic, transparent, and inviting home.”

Spanish Oaks Residence: Architectural Design Idea

Spanish Oaks Residence implements modern architectural design and modern furniture design to its home design. The home is filled with entertaining outdoor design, such as fountained pool, beautiful view from terrace, and view of green fine lawn. The home interior and exterior are dominated by white for adding elegant impression. With wide window for enjoying the scenery around, the living room is placed overlooking the pool. The living room features large sofas and table with fireplace on one side of the wall. The living room also features showcase with many decorative stuff inside. The home has two kinds of kitchen. There are indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen. Each of them is equipped with dining space. Perhaps, the outdoor kitchen is designed for proving family’s breakfast. So, the family can enjoy the breakfast along with enjoying the fresh air. The indoor kitchen is designed with modern kitchen appliance. The kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, and kitchen wall are covered with granite countertop. The kitchen has combination of brown-white color.

Spanish Oaks Residence: for Family Living

Spanish Oaks Residence is such a family home. The home is filled with warm and comfortable atmosphere that makes all the family members feel close.

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