Stunning Contemporary Home Design Idea for Minimalist Style

Amazing Contemporary Home Interior Design With Large Living Room And Simple Sofa Wooden Bench Plus Furnished Wooden Floor Also Beautiful Lighting

Located in Thalassery, India, this contemporary home design is applied in perfect combination. It offers people with minimalist look yet still got its eye-catching effect from modern touch. Exterior part is comprised of white bricks walls in combination with gray painted bricks as well. Even tennis court was built and surrounded with green grass field. Burnt orange fences are used to separate main house area with the court itself. And all of them are arranged well to make air circulation too.

The green grass field is also applied to other outdoor areas as well, yet gets paired with granite stone tiles. This kind of fence is also used to be great partition connecting indoor setting with outdoor one. As one of wonderful contemporary home design ideas is that homeowner made mini area to plant greenery arrangement that is surrounded with light gray natural stones. Prepare wooden benches here so that people could enjoy scenery from this spot.

Let’s move to interior design, which is actually dominated with white painted walls. Furthermore, furnished woods are installed to flooring surface, along with golden leather sofas and glass table in front of television screen mounted to the wall. Some crystal clear lamps are installed in above area. There is electric fan in this tall ceiling, which in turn giving ample ventilation and airy feeling good to healthy environment.

Kitchen space is designed with gray drawers and light blue cabinets. Meanwhile for island area, black wooden drawers are used under silver coated countertop. Do not forget to place black bar stools as well. Dining room is comprised of wooden table surrounded with ergonomic chairs. There is sliding glass doors for easy access to go outside. In creating wonderful contemporary home design, people could use floating style of bedding area, also with large size windows installed to allow natural sunlight comes inside.

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