Stunning Gateway Resort from Wooden Material

Resort Living Space Design Comfortable Fabric Sofa

In this modern time, there have been many people like to visit Maldives, however, do they know about the existence of the Gateway Resort in Maldives? Actually, that gateway connects to little islands in Maldives. That gateway is very unique because it was made from the wooden material instead of concrete. It is a reasonable thing because the distance of those small islands in that country is short enough.

Gateway Resort; Gateway Design

Therefore, it will have a better looks if it is made from the natural material, like the wooden material. Of course, the existence of that gateway in Maldives is different with the Gateway Resort Orlando Fl. Besides connecting two small islands in Maldives that has become tourism objects that gateway also connects a very and luxurious resort. Of course, the resort that is very nice and luxurious.

It can be seen from the exterior and the interior design of the resort that is connected. In the outside of the resort, there is an elegant swimming pool and it is also equipped with the existence of the several pool loungers around that swimming pool. That is really interesting because it makes the swimming pool looks a lot better and more interesting. Besides that, that resort also have very nice and natural surroundings.

Gateway Resort; Inside the Resort

Around the resort, there are green surrounding and sea view. That makes the resort becomes a lot better and more interesting because of the existence of the nice view. In the inside of the hotel, there is an interior design that has been designed in the best design and it is also equipped with the very comfortable and interesting look. There are many furnishings in that resort that were very comfortable. One of them is about the comfortable sofa set. That gate is really useful like the existence of the Gateway Resort Orlando Florida that I had ever visited.

Resort Lounge Room Design

Resort Pool Design Idea

Wooden Material Bridge Design

Beautiful Island View

Comfortable Sofa Design

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