Stunning Street House for Home Design Idea

Minimalist Wooden Staircase With Creative Stair Guard And Bookshelf For Stairs Space

One of the best home design ideas is conducted by Kerr Ritchie, that is Dublin Street House, which located in Queenstown. It has beautiful view of the lake near the house, and elegant interior design. The house architecture also spectacular, where it sits on a sloping site, and provide the ability to capture the view in many directions.

Besides the architecture, the home design ideas provide the uniqueness of its interior. The rooms are asymmetric, and the design utilizes every corner of the room perfectly. There is brown leather sofa in the lounge area with yellow accent in the light grey colored walls. The kitchen and dining area is parallelogram, and all the area is perfectly utilized. The wooden accent in the walls and cabinets that finished with glossy looks is very fit with the metal countertops and house appliances. Red colored chairs, with colorful kitchen equipment have successfully brought the fun in the kitchen. The beautiful view outside the window will lift up the mood for anyone chefs in charge.

The wooden walls apparently keep one secret. Slide the door, and see the gorgeous TV room inside. In the gallery, there is a wooden rack to keep the books neat. The living room design point is its outside view, which is the beautiful green courtyard. While for the interior, there is a white versatile sofa that matches perfectly with the red colored rug.

The view that surrounds the street house is very beautiful. At the frontage of the house, there is a beautiful lake that surrounded by the tall mountains. This view can be seen through the lounge and kitchen area. From the living room, there is a courtyard that filled with sunlight and very suitable for gardening. Besides its architecture, the home design ideas interior complete the whole design of Dublin Street House.

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