Summerhouse Lagnö: Natural and Fresh Design

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Summerhouse Lagnö is a private houses in Sweden, more precisely located in Lagnö city. The home was designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. The Architects described in their website:
“Completion of Summerhouse at Lagnö in the Stockholm archipelago. The building sits on the border between a forest and the coast line. A sequence of interconnected pitched roofs made of natural cast concrete creates interior spaces of varying size and heights. Small rooms for entrance, bath, kitchen and sleeping constitute a thick wall towards the north, while a continuous open space for living and dining opens up to the south with vast views over the neighboring islands, the Baltic sea and the horizon.”

Summerhouse Lagnö Architectural

Summerhouse Lagnö gives warm atmosphere for the householder. The home uses pale color palette for its main color. It also uses triangular roof design. The home is designed with glass sliding door and floor-to-ceiling windows. The small kitchen looks neat. It features kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, water tap, microwave, and ceramics backsplash. The kitchen is also equipped with stainless steel countertop. The kitchen appliances are made from wooden material. As we move to the other side of the house, we will see banquette. The banquette features round table and chairs. There are wood staircase connecting the banquette and the bedroom. The staircase is simple enough. It comes with the wood material and without the banister. The bedroom is simple enough. The minimalist bedroom features large bed, some pillows, grey quilt, and the painting. The lighting in the room is provided by the light coming from glass roof and the wall light. If you are curious, please be kindly to look at the Summerhouse pictures below.

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