Sustainable Design LM House in New York, USA

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LM House in New York is well-known because of its eco-friendly home design. Most of the building material use wood and glass. It does not use concrete wall just like the other house, but it uses glass wall instead. The glass wall is composed by tempered glass. So, it will more secure for children. At first glance, it looks like a showcase. The inner side of house can be seen by people in outside of house. So, it looks like it expresses the freedom. The Architects of LM House was Desai Chia Architecture, an Architectural firm that comes from New York.

LM House in New York: a Showcase Replica House

Typical New York Guest House, such as LM House only has one floor that provides all house features. It is composed by living area, sleeping area, open kitchen, bathroom, and terrace. Most of room in LM House use hardwood flooring and wooden ceiling design. The living area is designed to be one space with the open kitchen. The living area appliance is simple. It only has rattan arm chairs and rectangular poufs. The open kitchen is dominated by white. It makes the kitchen looks so elegant. The kitchen has contemporary design. It equipped with the kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, and large kitchen table with barstools around. The sleeping area in LM house is divided into two rooms. The first one is main bedroom and the second one is the additional bedroom. The difference between main room and additional room only lies on bed type. The main room has double bed type and the additional room has bunk beds type.

LM House in New York: Contemporary-Sustainable Guest House

For guest house standard, the LM House is wonderful. It is designed with paying attention to every detail. If you are seeking for the guest house, we recommend you to get this house or seeking the other house that has similar sustainable home design idea with LM House.

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