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Lovely Simple Modern Kitchen Design In Apartment With Lovely White Kitchen Cabinet And Kitchen Island And Unique Pendant Lamp And With Wooden Bar Table Design

Eclectic Apartment Interior Design: St. Petersburg Apartment

NG Studio makes another come back with their new residence design. Eclectic apartment that located in St. Petersburg is their new masterpiece. The apartment is designed with incorporating the feeling of luxury and stunning. So, that is why the apartment used luxury colors palette that goes from gold until royal blue and flawless white. Located in the capital of art and culture, St. Petersburg, Russian, it is not surprising that…

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Lovely Natural Living Room Design In Residence With Sofa And Lovely Fireplace Design

Industrial Home Design: 6A Brockton House

Modern lifestyle not only offers the luxury of modern home design, but also offers the stunning of industrial home design. The difference between modern home design and industrial home design is placed on the material they used. In this post, we will focus on the industrial home design. Industrial home design use concrete as one of the building material for the home. The concrete material is used not only for…

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Amazing Elegant Bathroom Design In Olaya House With Lovely Wooden Brown Drawer With Sink And Lovely Red Fur Rug Design And With Beautiful Marble Floor

The Beauty of Serenity in Olaya House, Columbia

Olaya House is a residential project that inspired by serenity. The project was handled by David Ramirez in 2011. The house is located in Columbia precisely near the second biggest city in Columbia, Medellin. The house is built with focused on the outdoor landscaping. It emphasizes the tenants for enjoying the outdoor. Besides of inspired by the serenity, the house is also inspired by organic home plans. So, it is…

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