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Elegant Waterfront House Design With Minimalist Concrete Exterior And Street Facade

Good Contemporary Construction House by Wespi de Meuron

A lot of people choose contemporary construction house for their houses, because this construction is good. You can find some models for that home. One of them is the project by Wespi de Meuron. This is best page if you want to get much reference about contemporary interior and exterior home appearance. This house is built in the middle of the trees and large lot. It gives fresh atmosphere to…

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Concrete Steps Wooden Exterior Wall Decoration Ideas

Contemporary Home Design in the Middle of Rural Area

Living in rural area makes you feel comfort especially when you are living in a contemporary home design. Modern meets natural is a great combination of life. In Martinborough, New Zealand, you can see contemporary house in rural area. This house concept is the smart house plan because the construction fits with the undulate conture in Martinborouh. Now let us see the detail information about this modern house that located…

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