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Beautiful Stairs Design In Limantos Residence With Unique Design For Stairs And Lovely Banister Design For Stairs And With Lovely Natural Wooden Material

An Impressive Residential: Limantos Residence

Limantos Residence is a retro-modern home design that located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The house is an amazing project of the architect Fernanda Marques. Inspired by retro-modern touch, the house brings the joy of freedom for someone who overlooked for it. Moreover, surrounded by calmness lush garden, the house is such perfect place for releasing stress caused by job or business. The house exterior ideas is designed to be fit…

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Beautiful Natural Pool Design In Walnut Residence With Lovely Natural View And Amazing Design For Pool

Unique Perforations on Beautiful Walnut Residence

Neat, clean, and artistic are three words that will come from you if you see this residence. Name it Walnut Residence, an artistic residence that located in Venice, California. Just look at the facade, we can see how beauty the house that decorates using unique perforations. Of course, the embodying unique perforations that decorates the house will be the first thing that will catch our attention just by looking on…

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Beautiful Living Room Design Casa RO In Guadalajara With Lovely Silver Sofa Design And Wooden Table And Table Lamp And With Beautiful Wooden Material For Interior Decor Design

Casa RO Remodel: The Blends of Old Design into New Design

At first, Casa RO was built in traditional design in 60’s. But, it then remodeled due to the owner’s request. The owner wanted to change the old architecture of the home with bright warm home. The home then was enlarged and transformed into modern home design. The home has rectangular shaped exterior with straight lines from vertical wood siding decor for exterior. The architect was kept the originality of the…

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Amazing Modern Bathroom Design In David House With Lovely White Sink With Dark Wooden Drawer And With White Bathtub And Beautiful Natural View

The Conversion of Traditional Home to Modern Home in David’s House

Traditional home design is so different from modern home design. But, what if this two distinctive design is mixed to be one design? you can take a look at the traditional home conversion of David’s House. The traditional home design is marked by the usage natural material such as wood for its building material. In David’s House, the natural material is not changed, but it has few conversion to be…

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Modern Kitchen Appliance For Kitchen Design

Cambuild Building Company Masterpiece: Queens

Queens is a luxurious private home that was designed by home builders in Perth, Cambuild. The home design shows the elegant and sophisticated design. Cambuild said in their website, ” A sumptuous four-storey home that’s been meticulously restored, seamlessly extended and tastefully renovated in sympathy with the heritage of the original home. With tuck-pointed brickwork, solid timber staircase, Jarrah floorboards, and two gourmet kitchens every element has been carefully considered…

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Modern Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen Island Design

Summerhouse Lagnö: Natural and Fresh Design

Summerhouse Lagnö is a private houses in Sweden, more precisely located in Lagnö city. The home was designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. The Architects described in their website: “Completion of Summerhouse at Lagnö in the Stockholm archipelago. The building sits on the border between a forest and the coast line. A sequence of interconnected pitched roofs made of natural cast concrete creates interior spaces of varying size and heights….

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Modern Workspace Rocking Chair Desk Carpet Chair Ideas

Minimalist Home Design: House GePo

House GePo is a minimalist residence that located in Wijgmaal, Belgium. This house is a creative project of OYO – Open Y Officce, a Belgian Architectural Firm. The house was completed in 2012. It measures 1,938 square feet. Here are brief descriptions about this home by the Architects’ website, “This OYO story takes you to Wijgmaal, where a single family house is conceived as a place without boundaries. Due to…

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Sliding Door Design

Simple but Classy Home Design

The Bedroom Architectural Design of Hilary Unger Masterpiece This home emphasizes simple theme home design from beyond view. The main room was built on top of pre-existing home. There is wooden staircase that connecting the main room and pre-existing home. The staircase is equipped with steel banister that has gold-like color giving simple but classy style impression. Even though this home looks simple outside, but it is really luxurious inside….

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Elegant Indoor Pool Wooden Floor Bench Sliding Door Design Ideas

Luxurious Penthouse in Tel Aviv

This luxurious penthouse is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The penthouse is precisely located in W Tower in Park Tzameret. With its location over the top of three floors, the penthouse serves a beautiful view over the city of Tel Aviv and Mediterranean Sea. The penthouse construction was completed in 2012. The home interior is dominated by glass material. This makes the penthouse looks full of color and stunning. Sky…

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Old View Of Boat House Design

Contemporary Boat House on Sydney

This house was an old boat house before. Then, this house got the remake and became one of contemporary style boat house. Even though this house is designed with simple exterior design, but this house has an amazing interior side. This house has artistic design. We cannot thank you enough for Stephen Collier Architects that makes this amazing house inspiration. Boat House Architectural Design The living space design idea is…

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Modern Dining Room Dining Table Chair Living Room Arm Chair Fireplace Ideas

Ridge House in USA

Ridge House is a private residence in USA that located in the middle of lush forest. The house is located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA. The home is a 2013 project of GriD Architects. GriD Architects said on their website “Designed for a painter and an art historian, this 1,200 square foot house sits along a linear promontory overlooking the Potomac River. Its organization strings the more private program…

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Modern Living Space Arm Chair Sofa Wooden Floor Ideas

Modern House Design in Melbourne by Nic Owen Architects

This house is well-known around people with name “Kew House”. Located in one of famous city in Australia, this house really fits with the environment of the Melbourne modern city. Envisioned by a team of junior Architects, this house brings fresh design from the creative Architects. Kew House Design is wonderful. It uses geometric home design for its exterior. Most of the Kew house wall is covered by glass. So,…

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