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Elegant Living Room Sofa Carpet Chair Table Cushion Design

Cathedral Ceiling Apartment in Vancouver

This apartment looks luxury outside and sophisticated inside. The exterior design idea is appeared from the view of the cathedral exterior design. The apartment interior design also follows cathedral concept with the utilization of cathedral ceiling design. This apartment uses floor-to-ceiling window design and arched window design to decorate the wall. This apartment seems like suitable for someone who likes the atmosphere in cathedral. If you want to feel the…

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Minor Brown Color Accent For Vibrant Interior Design

Luxury Home Design Beyond Your Expectation

Wallace Ridge is a luxury home design completed with strong characteristic. Located in California, you will amaze every time you see how beautiful and luxury the house is. This house is not only show you about the luxurious home style, but this house is also tells you about the real comfort and warm home interior. Step inside to the luxury living room design and you will find spacious living room…

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Big Glass Window House Design Luxury House Ideas In New Zealand

Contemporary Home Design in the Middle of Rural Area

Living in rural area makes you feel comfort especially when you are living in a contemporary home design. Modern meets natural is a great combination of life. In Martinborough, New Zealand, you can see contemporary house in rural area. This house concept is the smart house plan because the construction fits with the undulate conture in Martinborouh. Now let us see the detail information about this modern house that located…

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Beautiful Modern And Natural Powder Room With Rustic Wood Counter And White Square Sink Plus Sconce And Mirror

Contemporary Real Estate Design with Perfect Idea

Staying inside the Real Estate Design is very interesting. The real estate house design is designed well using the amazing design. It can be seen from the appearance of the house design idea. The large dimension of the house will enhance the appearance of the house into something interesting. It can be seen from the interior design from this house that is designed well using the luxurious furniture idea. All…

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Elegant Living Room Fireplace Sofa Cushion Wall Light Painting Carpet Table Design

Spanish Oaks Residence

Spanish Oaks Residence is a contemporary home design that located in Austin, Texas. It is a project of Cornerstone Architects, an architectural firm from Texas. The home is large and bright with high roof that makes smooth air circulation. The Cornerstone Architects said about this project “This soft contemporary home was uniquely designed to evoke a coastal design feeling while maintaining a Hill Country style native to its environment. The…

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Modern Elegant Back View Design Ideas

Beautiful Bronte House in Australia

Bronte House is a beautiful contemporary home design that located in Sydney, Australia. The home that was completed in 2012 was a creative project of Rolf Ockert Design, an Australian Architectural firm. The home is surrounded by the beautiful view of the ocean and the blue sky. The main architectural design idea of this home as the Architect said is “The client approached us to create house of their dreams…

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Amazing And Natural Interior Design In Contemporary Home Design And Eco Friendly House With Wooden Interior Wooden Ceiling Wooden Wall Glass Sliding Door Natural Stones Floor And Recessed Light

Elegant Private Residence with Simple Details

What is your first impression on this private residence? Surely this is close for public in the mean of secure from the passerby eyes. The house itself is surrounding by rich garden with rich vegetation. Trees and bushes are plant all over the garden. You can see the stone garden pathway lead the guests to entering the house from the garden. In one part of the garden you can feel…

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Elegant Stairs Banister Design Ideas

Natural Design Private Residence by DIALOG

This private residence is named Southlands Residence. It is the project of an architectural firm named DIALOG that was completed in 2011. The builder of this home is Treeline Construction. Southlands Residence is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The residence measures 297 square meters or equivalent with 3,200 square feet. The house is surrounded by lush trees. This makes the home looks fresh. Southlands Residence: Convenience of living in the…

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Outstanding Canadian Forest House Private Residence With Eco Friendly Design Blend With Environtment

Luxurious Hillside House Design with Black Fireplace Design

There is the existence of the Hillside House Design that can be your inspiration in building a new home living design idea. It is just because that kind of house plan design looks great if it is finished with the spacious living room space. The spacious living room space in that house design is equipped with the modern fireplace design. The modern fireplace that has been finished in the black…

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Modern Bathroom Mirror Shower Washstand Design

Contemporary Beach House Design in Tiburon, California

Having residence in beautiful scenery is everyone’s dream. Surrounded by beautiful nature, we can feel more relaxed in the house. One of the beautiful house designs is the beach house that located on Tiburon, California. This Beach House design shows beauty and comfort in the beautiful scenery. The house is filled by modern architectural design and modern furniture design. The utilization of beautiful outdoor and indoor is arranged wisely. We…

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Beautiful Minimalist Stairs Design In Residence Rotterdam With Wooden Stairs And With Lovely Glass Banister Design Ideas

Eco Chic Design of Stunning Rotterdam Villa

Talk about villa means talk about holiday. It is the best to spend our holiday to stay in villa for a while. Stay away from the busy city can be one of the solutions for healing stress. Villa offers the convenience and calmness that may we can not get it on our residence in busy city and busy day. By staying in villa, we can forget our business and our…

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