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Modern Kitchen Faucet Kitchen Island Ideas

Sparkling Kitchen Design Idea

One of the busy places at home is the kitchen. Beside of its busiest place, the kitchen is also considered to be the place that is not neat. Nevertheless, this sparkling kitchen design seems like reject all of the bad assumptions of the kitchen. The architectural design is so wonderful. It reminds me of wonderland in animation world. No wonder if this kitchen design may be well-known in household. Classy…

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Simple House Front View Design

Casa Joía in Portugal

Casa Joía is a luxurious private home design that located in Silves, Portugal. The design of this home is a design combination of two famous Architects, Studio Arte Architecture & Design and Lusco Fusco Concept. The home is surrounded by ocean and cliffs. So, the home interior emphasizes the fresh and simple design. One of the Architects, Lusco Fusco said this on his website “Casa Jóia, very high level renovation…

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Simple Natural Living Space Coffee Table Chair Ideas

Ridge House in USA

Ridge House is a private residence in USA that located in the middle of lush forest. The house is located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA. The home is a 2013 project of GriD Architects. GriD Architects said on their website “Designed for a painter and an art historian, this 1,200 square foot house sits along a linear promontory overlooking the Potomac River. Its organization strings the more private program…

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Simple Living Area Design Second Living Space Design Lounge Space Decoration

Amazing Luxury Interior with the Scenic View

One of the important elements that make the house exceptional is the luxury interior designing. With the careful theme design and the thoughtful arrangement, an interior of a home can have the absolute luxurious look. Not always associated with the Italian furniture or the Victorian style, the modern house can also have the luxurious look on its way. The house in Melbourne has the way in making the interior has…

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Modern Natural House Backyard Living Room Design

Wonderful Cottage Design in Brisbane

Cottage is home for relaxation or for spend holiday and you can choose the best cottage design to your family. Well, in this modernization many people are looking for the cottage which can give them comfortable and help them relaxation. Maybe you can also try this therapy to get the fresh mind. The Interior of Cottage Design Related to this situation, when you want recovery your mind and relaxation your…

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Simple Living Space Arm Chair Sliding Glass Door Design

Summerhouse Lagnö: Natural and Fresh Design

Summerhouse Lagnö is a private houses in Sweden, more precisely located in Lagnö city. The home was designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. The Architects described in their website: “Completion of Summerhouse at Lagnö in the Stockholm archipelago. The building sits on the border between a forest and the coast line. A sequence of interconnected pitched roofs made of natural cast concrete creates interior spaces of varying size and heights….

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Minimalist Asian Design Inspired Kitchen With Bookshelf At The End Of The Bar For Cookbooks

Gorgeous Asian Kitchen with Natural Touch Element and Soothing Ambience

More and more again people are withdrawn with the appearance of Asian kitchen in their home. The lure of contemporary Asian kitchen appearance is really undeniable. One thing for sure, Asian kitchen is filled with philosophy that held high the use of natural elements especially wood to part of the design. But nowadays Asian kitchen design is collaborating more with modern kitchen design with using the advantages of being simple…

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Modern Bedroom With Living Space And Natural Look

Super Modern Home with Spacious Room and Elegant Atmosphere

In this two story modern home with basement you will see nothing less of beautiful modern home. Actually the house is located among the woods and wants to have beautiful outdoor scenery but still prefer to have modern home furniture to complete their modern life needs. Being in modern home design will allow you to feel the simple and sleek furniture which is selected carefully to meet the requirement of…

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