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Modern Workspace Arm Chair Desk Arch Lamp Wooden Floor Carpet Ideas

An Elegant Design of ALH House in Melbourne, Australia

Using elegant home design, ALH House in Melbourne has been really attracted many attentions from nearby. The Architects “Mim Design” was very good at designing the home exterior and the home interior. ALH House uses classical design for the home exterior. We can feel the how this home brings historical stories from the terrace design. The terrace has only rattan chair and coffee table; it is more than enough for…

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Modern Living Space Wooden Floor Ideas

Modern House Design in Melbourne by Nic Owen Architects

This house is well-known around people with name “Kew House”. Located in one of famous city in Australia, this house really fits with the environment of the Melbourne modern city. Envisioned by a team of junior Architects, this house brings fresh design from the creative Architects. Kew House Design is wonderful. It uses geometric home design for its exterior. Most of the Kew house wall is covered by glass. So,…

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Modern Open Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen Island Washstand Dining Room Design

Contemporary minimalist house

Our first impression for this house is this house looks like house in the wonderland. The exterior home design idea is so great. The combination of dark color is beautiful. We appreciate how good the architect is. It looks simple but somehow it looks elegant. The front view serves view of white staircase that will guide us to the main door. The backyard design serves view of simple patio with…

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Modern Open Kitchen Dining Room Pendant Lamp Design

Minimalist Design of Promenade House in Japan

Japanese architecture designs are amazing. It has daring home design. Japanese Architects have many creative ways to share their design ideas into a unique, outstanding home. One of the creative home designs is Promenade House in Japan. Envisioned by Architects Kouichi Kimura, this house brings catchy style that contrast with the neighborhoods. The Promenade House has unique exterior design. It has office building design that shapes like a box. It…

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Simple Corridor Design Ideas

Private Residence by Bruce Stafford Architects

This modern private residence is named Z house. It is a masterpiece of Bruce Stafford Architects, an architectural firm in Sydney, Australia. Z house is located in Bellevue Hill, in New South Wales, Australia. The whole home is pervaded by serene air, gives peace and comfort atmosphere to the home. The exterior design of Z House is dominated by white and brown from wood. The interior design is dominated by…

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Elegant House Front Yard Design

Sustainable Design LM House in New York, USA

LM House in New York is well-known because of its eco-friendly home design. Most of the building material use wood and glass. It does not use concrete wall just like the other house, but it uses glass wall instead. The glass wall is composed by tempered glass. So, it will more secure for children. At first glance, it looks like a showcase. The inner side of house can be seen…

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