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Lovely Modern Kitchen Design In David House With Lovely White Kitchen Cabinet And Kitchen Island And With Bar Table Design And With Natural Window Treatment

The Conversion of Traditional Home to Modern Home in David’s House

Traditional home design is so different from modern home design. But, what if this two distinctive design is mixed to be one design? you can take a look at the traditional home conversion of David’s House. The traditional home design is marked by the usage natural material such as wood for its building material. In David’s House, the natural material is not changed, but it has few conversion to be…

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Lovely Modern Bedroom Design In Walnut Residence With Lovely White Fur Rug Design And Beautiful Table Lamp And With Amazing Decor For Bedroom

Unique Perforations on Beautiful Walnut Residence

Neat, clean, and artistic are three words that will come from you if you see this residence. Name it Walnut Residence, an artistic residence that located in Venice, California. Just look at the facade, we can see how beauty the house that decorates using unique perforations. Of course, the embodying unique perforations that decorates the house will be the first thing that will catch our attention just by looking on…

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