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Small Bay Window Ideas

Fantastic Stylish Apartment Design

Talk about stylish apartment maybe you can see apartment design in Moscow. The apartment design used stylish touch for the interior design and for the furniture design. That combination made the apartment looks so fantastic and beautiful with that. The Interior Design of Stylish Apartment Related to this situation, when you want to realize stylish apartment ideas to your apartment it is better for you to see the apartment design…

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Stainles Steel Kitchen Countertop

Beautiful Chalet Design Blended in Natural and Modern Style

In Gstaad, Switzerland, you will see a beautiful chalet design in modern style. Located in the middle of beautiful Mountain View, you can have a quality time and enjoy the day in this chalet. Before you decide to visit the place, here are the things that you should know from Gstaad chalet in Switzerland. This chalet beautifully built by wooden material that makes you keeps warm inside the chalet. Wooden…

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Modern Home Front View Ideas

Unique Residence in Brasilia, Brazil

This unique residence design is named Copaiba Residence. Envisioned by architectural firm in Brazil “Macedo, Gomes, & Sobreira”, the construction of Copaiba Residence was finished in 2013. Copaiba Residence measures 3,552 square foot. It was built on L-shape design. Surrounded by Copaiba trees and cerrado vegetation, Copaiba Residence has refreshing view. It is such a creative inspiration by Brazilian Architects. Copaiba Residence: Harmony in Contemporary Design Copaiba Residence is composed…

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Natural Living Room Sofa Cushion Design

Natural Design Casas na Areia Resort in Portugal

Casas na Areia Resort in Portugal is the right place for you, if you want to get relaxation in small & faraway place like in small village. The Architect of this resort is Manuel Aires Mateus. The Casas na Areia Resort is designed using two themes. The first one is old theme that is set for its exterior & interior design. The second one is contemporary theme that is set…

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Modern House Front Yard Facade Design

Eco-friendly Home Design in South Dakota

Have you ever heard ‘back to nature’ concept? This concept seems like well-known these days. Most of the material are implemented this concept. Not only the material, but also the home design. These days we can see many developers competing to build eco-friendly home design. This review will tell you a bit about one of eco-friendly home design that designed by Knowles Blunck Architecture in South Dakota. Architectural Design of…

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Simple Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Modern House Design in Melbourne by Nic Owen Architects

This house is well-known around people with name “Kew House”. Located in one of famous city in Australia, this house really fits with the environment of the Melbourne modern city. Envisioned by a team of junior Architects, this house brings fresh design from the creative Architects. Kew House Design is wonderful. It uses geometric home design for its exterior. Most of the Kew house wall is covered by glass. So,…

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Modern Bedroom Table Lamp Arm Chair Desk Ideas

Traditional Nandana Resort in Bahamas Island

Located on Bahamas Island, Nandana Resort gives beautiful landscape and place for relaxation. Surrounding by blue sea water, Nandana Resort in Bahamas Island sounds good for spending summer holiday. Nandana Resort seems like paradise in earth. It gives you the view of beautiful creature and natural design. All building in Nandana Resort use natural material, such as copper and teak woods. The Architects, de Reus Architects, has been really great…

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Elegant Kitchen Marble Wall Bar Stool Sofa Cushion Table Design

Futuristic Kitchen Design Idea

This gorgeous kitchen design was made for a family in Moscow. At a gaze, the kitchen decoration looks so complicated. Nevertheless, it is unique. We can guarantee if this kitchen may be the only one kitchen that has this unique design idea. This kitchen will be too difficult to be copied. But, it is the uniqueness. The Architect was so great to have this kitchen inspiration. Contemporary Kitchen Design: Furniture…

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Modern Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen Island Design

Summerhouse Lagnö: Natural and Fresh Design

Summerhouse Lagnö is a private houses in Sweden, more precisely located in Lagnö city. The home was designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. The Architects described in their website: “Completion of Summerhouse at Lagnö in the Stockholm archipelago. The building sits on the border between a forest and the coast line. A sequence of interconnected pitched roofs made of natural cast concrete creates interior spaces of varying size and heights….

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Amazing Living Space For Musicians With Fur Rug Wooden Floor

Artistic Social Space Inspiration for Musicians

If you work in the music world, you may need social space as the special living room. With the special living room and right setting, you can have a place for rehearsals and lessons. How nice to greet you guests and practice to play the music instrumental together. The problem is: how if the room to your musician guests is so narrow? Look at the social space architecture picture! This…

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Simple House Back View Chair Coffee Table Design

Ridge House in USA

Ridge House is a private residence in USA that located in the middle of lush forest. The house is located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA. The home is a 2013 project of GriD Architects. GriD Architects said on their website “Designed for a painter and an art historian, this 1,200 square foot house sits along a linear promontory overlooking the Potomac River. Its organization strings the more private program…

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Resort Bedroom Design Antique Pendant Lamp Decoration

Stunning Gateway Resort from Wooden Material

In this modern time, there have been many people like to visit Maldives, however, do they know about the existence of the Gateway Resort in Maldives? Actually, that gateway connects to little islands in Maldives. That gateway is very unique because it was made from the wooden material instead of concrete. It is a reasonable thing because the distance of those small islands in that country is short enough. Gateway…

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