The Lovely Apartment of Old Growth

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Old Growth is a short-term rental apartment that has standard minimum of stay for 7 days. The apartment is located in Soho, Manhattan, New York. As we know, Soho is well known for florescent neighborhood with fashionable boutiques and high-end shops. Also, the private residence in Soho is well known for its beauty and luxury. Therefore, living in Soho is such a right choice for showing classy style. The apartment is designed with pale colors and little use of decorative accessories. This design makes the apartment looks comfortable and relaxed.

Old Growth: They called it “Down to earth”

Old Grown apartment design emphasizes down to earth concept. It is proven by the using of fan in some spaces rather than air conditioner. Also, the apartment uses floor-to-ceiling window with square pattern window for facilitating air circulation and hardwood flooring for its flooring design. The apartment is composed by seven rooms. There are living room, kitchen, master bedrooms, master bathrooms, and guest bedroom. The living room feature four seat sofas and satellite or cable. The kitchen features kitchen island and kitchen cabinet with high quality wood countertop. Also, the kitchen features two bar stools, oven, and dish washer. The bathroom is designed luxury. It contains high quality bathroom appliance. There are en suite shower room, bathtub, wash basin, and round mirror. The lighting in the bathroom is provided by ceiling lamps and wall lights.

Old Growth: Luxurious Design in Luxurious City

The lovely apartment design of Old Growth is suitable for the aesthetic enthusiasts, lover of fine art and design who enjoys trailing lively debate in complicated political thickets. Living in Old Growth is similar with living in fabulous lifestyle.

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