The simple but amazing beach house

Simple Bedroom Arch Lamp Laminate Flooring Arm Chair Design

This beach house design has unique façade, consistent with its surrounding view. This house has good lighting because this house has dominated by white color. Besides, there is wide window and wide glass door that letting sunlight to come in. There is open sunroom that gives chance for its owner to enjoy the landscape. The living space is designed with décor that made from stones. Moreover, the living space is covered by stone floor. This means this house has sustainable house design. The living space has medium size sofas and regular fireplace for helping us to stay warm on winter. Besides, there is a large dining table near from it and an open kitchen. The kitchen emphasizes natural concept with the utilization of rock and wood. Regular kitchen island and kitchen cabinet decorate the kitchen giving simple accent for it.

As we move to other floor, we can see many bedrooms. There are three bedrooms and one lounge in this home. The bedrooms have varieties size. The first bedroom is not large. It has big size bed in center room. There are silver arch lamp and simple arm chair on left. This bedroom has small walk in closet inside that limited by a partition. The second bedroom is larger than the first bedroom. It has a big stone garniture beside big bed. The smaller stone garniture is placed behind the bed. There is a beautiful painting on the wall. Perhaps, this second room is purposely made for giving artistic impression. The third bedroom has medium size room. It has two single beds that has line pattern quilt. There is not any furniture in this room except the big stone garniture. We can say this room is so simple. The lounge is unique. It has bay window that can be used for us to sleep there. This lounge has simple style too. It does not have any furniture. The striking furniture is just wooden roof and white wall light. Overall, this beach house design idea looks like very refreshing idea.

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