Traditional Nandana Resort in Bahamas Island

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Located on Bahamas Island, Nandana Resort gives beautiful landscape and place for relaxation. Surrounding by blue sea water, Nandana Resort in Bahamas Island sounds good for spending summer holiday. Nandana Resort seems like paradise in earth. It gives you the view of beautiful creature and natural design. All building in Nandana Resort use natural material, such as copper and teak woods. The Architects, de Reus Architects, has been really great to design this resort beautifully.

Nandana Resort in Bahamas Island: Traditional Design

The Architects seem like want to bring traditional villa design to this resort. They want to combine the natural beauty of sea with the traditional beauty of villa. This is good since the combination matches each other. The Nandana Resort has five villa suites. Every suite is surrounded by exquisite infinity pool around them. The lounge chairs are placed on the poolside for letting the guest to sunbathe in blazing sun. The interior villa design is dominated by wooden material. It uses teak wood carving for its ceilings, floors, and walls. The wooden material is not only used for the interior design, but also used for furniture design. Most of the furniture and showpiece in this villa are made from wooden material. The suite is designed unique with the utilization of tent not a wall. This is good because we can be one with nature.

Nandana Resort for Spending Holiday

It is a good choice if you spend your holiday in the Nandana Resort. Nandana Resort design is perfect and it only suits for someone who wants to have a worthy holiday. So, if you want your holiday is worthy, please come to Bahamas Island and stay in Nandana Resort.

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