Tropical House in Alibaug, India

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India has been known as tropical country because of its tropical climate. Unwittingly, this gives an effect to its house design. India residence uses tropical house design. One of the tropical houses in India is Anish Amin House. Anish Amin House is located on Alibaug, India. This house is a project of Indian Architects Atelier dnD in 2011. The Anish Amin House takes combination of outdoor and indoor concept. The outdoor and indoor is designed to be one unity with obscuring the boundaries between them. This is good because it shows how free the tropical living is.

Tropical House: Anish Amin House

Just like typical Indian House, The Anish Amin House is filled by many sculptures, especially Buddha statues. This makes the house looks so artistic. The Anish Amin House is composed by bedroom, sitting area, living area, bathroom, infinity pool, and pool deck. Because of the outdoor and indoor in this house becomes one unity, the pool deck that located in outdoor is in one space with the fitness room in indoor. So, in one space, there are lounge chairs and fitness appliance, such as treadmill. The pool deck is composed by hardwood flooring and pergola. The bedroom looks so artistic. The bedroom is composed by luxurious bedding with stone headboard design, end table with aromatherapy candles, and wood decoration. The bedroom uses wide window. So, it is reasonable if it looks so bright.

Anish Amin House: Tropical House Inspiration

Anish Amin House has creative tropical house design idea. The house really shows how the tropical living in India. If you are interested with this design, you can use this design for your own house or you can use the furniture design.

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