Twin Peaks Residence as Classic Home Renovation Example

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It is common for all of people to do classic home renovation when they think that they have old home and they really want to have new and more modern home. Before you renovate your home, you must prepare all things such as using professional help from competent architects or designers. They usually will help us in making new home from old home. When you want to see one of best examples of home make over project, you better see Twin Peaks House. This house applies black color exterior now and it is designed by Jackson Clements Burrows. This house is located in suburb of Melbourne. Jackson tries to mix of brick and wood exterior so this house looks different but still show the tradition and heritage.

New Interior of Twin Peaks

The architect does some changes in this house. This home renovation is done for all rooms in this house including 3 new bedrooms, family area, kitchen and activity space. Doing make over is not an easy activity. The architect finds the problems too. The architect needs to ensure that the new interior will be able to blend with the existing interior. In the result, architect really wants to create fresh new design in this house. The architect tries to create compact living room with black brick as the wall. This living room looks more modern because there is modern grey sofa and yellow seating to give fresh look in this living room.

Playful Interior and Traditional Background

In this house you can find large sliding glass door that will give you free access to see all things outside the house. Some interiors are made in ergonomic and playful concept. This house really wants to show the combination between something more traditional with new modern look. Although this house is combining two different things, the result of this make over is wonderful. You still can find some other classic home renovation ideas when you see the picture of this house in the site now.

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