Ultra-Modern Interior in Private Home 08

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Private Home 08 is a gorgeous project of Bulgarian Architecture Studio, Bozhinovski Design. It uses contemporary home design as its design. The home measures 85 meters square or 915 square feet. The home design accentuates creative inspiring design with futuristic vision and ultra-modern character that implemented in sleek surfaces and highly elegant design. The home is not large enough, but it suits for a family with four family members, two adults and two children.

Private Home 08: Emphasizes Comfort in Urban City

The floor plan for Private Home 08 is composed by living room, bathroom, children room, bedroom, and entrance hall. The ultra-modern interior in living room can be seen by its geometrical interior design and furniture design. I love how the living room looks sparkling with light reflection from the geometrical walls and living room furniture. The living room consists of unique sofa design and geometric tables. The using of white color to the living room makes it looks more elegant. The tree pendant lamp decorating ceiling makes living room more perfect. The main bedroom is designed using same theme as living room. It also uses geometric furniture for its bedroom furniture. For me, the most interesting thing in this bedroom is the artistic headboard design. As we move to the children bedroom, we can see comfortable kid room design. The cartoon wall mural in the room will make children stay comfort in their own room. The bathroom is dominated by white and black granite. It looks both elegant and luxurious somehow with the whirlpool bath at the center of the bathroom.

Private Home 08: Comfortable Residential

Private Home 08 is a comfortable residential option in Bulgaria. The best home design in this home will attract you and makes you feel comfort.

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