Unique concept of winter home in Venice, California

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My first impression for this home is this home must has many history and meaning. This home has eco-friendly design with many trees and grass. Looking at this home gives shady feeling for the viewers. If we look from front view, the wide garage is just covered by wooden fence, further giving natural and eco-friendly impression to this home. Most of this home is made from wood as if this home is created for facing winter.

Winter Home in Venice Architectural Design

First floor presents wide living spaces. The living room has medium size sofas and a few unique pattern cushions on it. The living room floor is covered by white fur rug for keeping our legs stay warm on winter. There is also wooden rocking chair in there. This living room has artistic living room design because we can see many artistic d├ęcor on its wall. The wooden floating shelf is used for putting the artistic appliance. Besides, there are a few artistic paintings above it. The living room is also equipped with classic fireplace. This home is undoubtedly used for us to stay on winter.

On the first floor, we also can see the simple open kitchen design. The open kitchen has medium size kitchen cabinet and regular kitchen island. Lighting of the kitchen is provided by a pendant lamp that has rattan lampshades. Near from the kitchen, there is amazing banquette. The banquette has a medium size dining table and wide bay window behind it. There are a few cutlery set on the table that signed lunch is coming.

As we move to second floor, we can see wooden staircase that equipped with wooden banister. The second floor serves a view from wide bedroom. The bedroom has one small bathroom inside. There is wooden sliding door that limiting space between bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is so simple, in contrast with another space in this home. Observing this winter home design can make us amazed with its beauty. I wonder how smart the architect is.

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