Urban Minimalist Apartment with Stunning Interior Design

Lovely Spacy Interior With Open Partition

Find the best apartment design for 62 square meters apartment with urban minimalist apartment style in Poznan, Poland. This stunning apartment design shows you a minimalist apartment concept with modern home furniture. Let us step inside and find out more information about the interior design of this apartment. When you step inside the apartment, then you can find a clear and tidy atmosphere in the living space area of this apartment.

Look at to a minimalist living room design that shows you a real urban minimalist apartment design. You can see a long sofa with unique wooden low table in front of the sofa. The wooden floors at the living room enhance the elegance side of the room. This apartment interior design dominates in white color that makes the room looks clean and spacious. If you look to the ceiling, then you can see an artistic lighting design. On the right side of the living room, you can see double doors to the bedroom of this apartment.

You can see minimalist bedroom design blended perfectly with wooden flooring material. You can see single bed size with velvet headboard. There are two futuristic table lamps on the left side and the right side of the bed. On the right side of the bed, you can find a minimalist wooden writing desk near the window. On the left side of the bed, you can see minimalist wardrobe design in white color. The bathroom of this apartment also has minimalist bathroom design with modern floating toilet design and separate shower room.

Another room that you should see is the kitchen room. You can find a minimalist kitchen design in white color. Right beside the kitchen, you can find wooden dining table. This is the real urban minimalist apartment concept that looks so nice and comfort.

Metallic Details And The Dining Table Decor

Neat White Bedroom With Animal Siluet Wallpaper Small Bedroom Apartment Design

Playful Detail Of The Kitchen Island That Modify Into Dining Table

Transparence With Wall Mirror Modern Interior Accesssories

White Bathroom With Large Glass Window And White Interior

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