Villa Bemmel by Maxim Winkelaar and Bob Ronday

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Villa Bemmel is a private residence that located in Bemmel, The Netherlands. The villa design is a design combination of two famous Architects; there are Maxim Winkelaar and Bob Ronday. The construction of the villa took over three years, from 2007 until 2010. The villa design took minimalist home design so that the villa looks clean, elegant, and simple. The villa implemented technological sophistication to the design. As Maxim Winkelaar said in his website “The desire of this client was a sleek, white, modern, minimalist new villa in combination with office space. Besides that the design meets the needs of the customer, the house also had large windows so that the beautiful landscape is removed as possible. Inwards the large veranda with glass roof reinforced at the rear of the house the inside-outside relationship and forms the heart of the house. The map/layout of the house is designed so that maximum use of passive solar energy is made. The house is very well insulated and there is a heat pump with heat recovery system used. The flat roof is sufficiently dimensioned to be there. Solar panels installed in the future beside the house are a natural swimming pond placed wetland system. This special filter ensures that the water quality remains optimal without applications of electricity and toxins.”

Villa Bemmel: Architectural Design Idea

Villa Bemmel has simple architectural design idea. It is composed by two floors; with the first floor offers the view of living area and the second floor offers the view of sleeping area. The living area is composed by living room, kitchen and dining room. In order to limit the space between the living room and the kitchen as well as the dining room, the villa is limited by wall partition with fireplace. Villa interior is clear and bright. Perhaps, this is the effect of wide window and minimalist interior.

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