Villa Design Idea: CasaNaAreia in Portugal

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There are a lot of lovely holiday retreats that we can find out there, but this amazing villa design idea is very different. This special villa design idea that we talk about is the one and the only CasaNaAreia in Portugal. This astonishing villa design idea is about giving you closest experience to natural environment. The location of this beautiful villa design idea is just perfect and it has a very unique structural design. Instead of one structural design, the designer of this lovely villa design idea decides to divide every space in different structural design. So, in this wonderful villa design idea you need to be in “nature” to go from one space to another.

Just like what we have discussed that this amazing villa design idea has a very unique architectural design, the uniqueness is not only coming in the structural setting, but it is also coming in the design itself. Look at each structure of this awesome villa design idea. Every structure is made from wood and branches in which both of them might be one of the most matched materials for the natural theme in the structural design. Every structure of this outstanding villa design idea is created by using very simple sty. Not yet to mentioned that this adorable villa design idea is equipped with lovely outdoor swimming pool for you to spend your lovely afternoon.

The inner side of the perfect villa design idea is very interesting. Some of the part like in the living room and the dining room. The floor is left untouched. It uses sand as the flooring and that is one of the few points that make this wonderful villa design idea different than the other superb villa design idea.

That was little information about gorgeous villa design idea and Portugal. Amazing villa design idea like this CasaNaAreia is very rare and therefore if you want to visit a nice retreat place for your holiday, this villa is the one that you need to visit.

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