Villa Welpeloo in Netherlands

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Villa Welpeloo is a private home that designed by Superuse Studios. This villa is 2009 project of Superuse Studios. The villa is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This is a brief description about Villa Welpeloo from the Architect’s website:

“Villa Welpeloo is a residence for a couple with the exquisite wish to store and show a collection of paintings and graphical work of young contemporary artists. 2012Architecten aspired to use as much surplus materials as possible. Scouts have (re)searched the possibilities and availability of surplus materials in the vicinity of the site during the design phase. Based on the findings there was a continuous stream of new incentives to develop the design further. The found materials resulted in new shapes and new ways of construction. For the facade the inner parts of a cable reels are used. The load bearing construction is made from steel beams from a paternoster (textile factory machine).”

Villa Welpeloo: Exterior and Interior Design

Villa Welpeloo has unique architectural design. The home exterior looks like having eco-friendly design with the use of wood for its wall and the home interior looks modern with the use of contemporary interior design. The wood for wall is normally used for particleboard or for burning. In some parts, the home uses floor-to-ceiling window and glass sliding door. The home uses waste material in some parts but it is okay since the Architects were so good at combining and arranging innovative design.

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