Wandana Residence

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Wandana Residence is a beautiful home design that design by James Deans & Associates, an architectural firm from Australia. The home is located in Wandana Heights, suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. What James Deans & Associates talk about this home is “Inspired by a hotel aesthetic. The Clients brief drove a design which incorporated a commercial style, whilst maintaining a functional family home. The design also takes advantage of stunning vistas of the Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula.”

Wandana Residence: Dark at Day, Shine at Night

Wandana Residence is dominated by dark tone for its exterior and interior as well as furniture design. With vibrant accent, this home make us feel refreshed. The home is composed by two floors. The home is equipped with outdoor pool that seems like shining at night. Also, the home has pool deck featuring lounge chairs. For giving a direct access to the pool, the staircase is put outdoor. The corridor that connects one room with another room is designed entertaining with the use of floor-to-ceiling window for looking at the outside view and some poufs for relaxing. The home has terrace roof that limited by glass balustrades making the view clearer. The terrace roof is designed for sitting area which features some sofas, lounge chairs, and glider swing. Enjoying the night in this terrace roof will be more please if there is wine. So, the terrace roof is equipped with wine cabinet to save wine and wine glass.

Wanda Residence: Dark and Beautiful

Wandana Residence design is a great masterpiece from James Deans & Associates. The dark and shining combination makes the home looks stunning. it is such a beautiful design.

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