Wiesergut Design Hotel in Austria

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When winter comes there are two things that most of us will do. The first one is hiding in our warm blanket and the second one is not letting the snow goes by. If you are the winter enthusiast, it is a good choice for visiting Wiesergut Hotel in Austria. With perfect ski retreat, the Wiesergut Hotel will spoil us with many services inside. The Wiesergut Hotel uses modern design with floor-to-ceiling windows. Most of the building materials for this hotel are dominated by glass and wood. This is good since wood can keep the spaces warmer.

Wiesergut Hotel: Ski Retreat Design

Wiesergut Hotel is designed by Architect Monika Gogl. Surrounded by alpine town, this contemporary ski retreat design provides us with both of beautiful landscape and beautiful architectural design. The Wiesergur hotel services us with elegant restaurant & bar design, suites, garden suites, hotel lounge, pool, and spa treatment. The hotel restaurant & bar has many dining room types inside. You can enjoy your meal on the warm dining room, terrace, or wooden dining room. In every dining table the cutlery sets has been arranged well on it. The hotel restaurant has wine cellar inside. The hotel lounge has not special design, but I love how the lighting goes on in this room. The lighting is a combination of bubble glass chandelier, arch lamps, and wall light. The suite is filled by luxurious bedding and seating area. The garden suite contains hot tub, en-suite shower room, seating area, and fireplace. Both suite and garden suite have comfortable design that seem will not let us to stay away from it.

Ski Retreat in Wiesergut Hotel

Ski Retreat in Wiesergut Hotel is a best place for skiing enthusiast. This place is well-known in skiing enthusiast circle. If you are really skiing enthusiast, make sure you visit this place.

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