Wonderful Beach Villa for Your Tropical Holidays

Outstanding Bathroom With Beach View Modern Villa Design

Why don’t you go to beach villa in tropical place for your summer holidays? Then, go visiting Mandalay Beach Villas in Ko Samui, Thailand where the sun always shines the whole year. This beachfront pool villa will offer you not only fantastic view of the tropical beach but also the privacy you will really need.

Located in Laem Noi Beach and backed by green palm stands, this gorgeous beach villa offer you the modern, cutting edge visual that purposes in providing open air spaces for pleasant habitat. The pond in the entry emphasizes the separation of common use areas from private one. And just as any modern building, this villa uses mainly white tone with accent of black, brown, and wooden one with the hint of gold.

Inside the airy bedroom, the bed is backed by wooden shelf with contemporary ornament and separated with the bathroom with the use of glass doors. The bathroom itself offers a more simple and modern look with the choice of textured walls and floor. On the wooden table, the cutlery was accented in aqua color as well as the glasses. While dining space is placed in an open room that is covered with transparent glasses with an exception to one side, which is a stone wall. The open room concept is emphasized with the installation of pendant lights as the center of the interiors, creating more space available for living room and kitchen.

For the relaxing times, have your sunbathing session on the sun deck, placed on the front and facing the pond and the sea. The uses of maple tone for the deck blends really well with the colors of green palm trees and the blue ocean as this gorgeous beach villa design. The beautiful golden toned decors are placed carefully to offer a luxury hint around the places.

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